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FileZilla FTP Server with a Windows 7 Firewall

FileZilla with a Windows 7 Firewall

FileZilla Installation

I love FileZilla. This is a free FTP Solution and it works beautifully and is easy to configure.

Download the server version for free at https://filezilla-project.org/ to a folder on your computer. I saved mine to my SQL Folder.

I installed everything, which did so perfectly. I went with the default setting during the setup. It starts at this screen to which you select OK.
No Administer password:

Once FileZilla Server starts Select Edit >>> Settings >> Admin Interface Settings. This is where I change the admin Password.

General Settings are as follows:

Now for permissions. I created a local users group called FTP Users that will be allowed to access the FTP folder to make the upload.

Next we setup the Users. Edit >>> Users

You should create a folder on your server with the same name as your username. In my case, I created a folder called FTPUsers. Next, on FileZilla, I navigate to that newly created folder and “Set as home dir”. Here you can set permissions for this user to the folder.

FileZilla and Windows 7 Firewall

FileZilla with Windows 7 Firewall; you must make the following change for everything to work.

Control Panel >>> Windows Firewall >>> Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall
Select the button “Allow another program”

Choose FileZilla Server.exe and Open

Testing your FTP Server outside your network

The following website http://ftptest.net/ allows testing of your FTP Server outside the network, even if you are testing from inside. Please be careful with your password. You must change it when you are finished testing for security reasons. I like what this website can do, but it is not secure unless you create an account.

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