If you aim to use your Instagram profile as a platform for selling goods and services, PR, advertising or as other source of regular income, you should think about professional promotion with the support of SMM services.

There are several proven ways to promote your profile in Instagram on your own to make your account more visible and attract new interested users. So, to independently dial 100, 500 Followers and up to 10000 approve likes you can in the following ways:

  1. Mass-following is a manifestation of activity in someone else’s profile account to obtain reciprocity. In other words, you subscribe to potential followers in order for them to subscribe to you in return. As practice shows, you can count on 30% feedback.
  2. Mass-liking is also a manifestation of mass marketing actions in third-party accounts, aimed at obtaining mutual approval marks. The percentage of feedback can exceed 60%, if your content is unique and useful for users of the site.
  3. Artificial growth of activity indicators – in fact, these are the two previous methods with only one difference – now all the necessary actions in other people’s profiles are performed by means of:
  4. Specially developed software for mass-liking and mass-folding: the actions are performed by robots with fake profiles;
  5. The offers involved for this purpose, who are rewarded with bonuses or points. But in order to do this, you will have to become an offer yourself to get these points and spend them to pay for the actions you need in your profile. It is worth remembering that offers and bots that come to you will not recommend your product or service and will not buy the product being sold. This is just a number on your profile counters.
  6. Mutual PR is a mutually beneficial cooperation on advertising issues. You advertise your partner’s profile and he or she advertises your account. If you do everything correctly, the result will be significant. The main thing is to choose profiles for mutual advertising with your target audience.

Summarizing all of the above, we can conclude that the independent promotion of Instagram profile implies a set of actions, including the competent design and filling of the profile, the formation of a content plan, placement of only unique and useful content and promotion through mass-liking and massaging, mutual PR and artificial growth of activity indicators. If you follow all the recommendations described in the article, you can easily make your profile in Instagram popular and profitable. But in case of lack of time to implement these methods, you can always use paid promotion through special SMM services. With the help of such services as Soclikes you can quickly and cheaply buy instagram followers.

For whom promotion in Instagram will be ineffective

Despite the brilliant prospects, there are directions, which promotion in Instagram will be extremely difficult:

  1. Companies whose goods or services cannot be beautifully and “tasty” presented. Instagram is first of all a beautiful and unique visual content and it is better to start from this. There are examples of blogs that have achieved excellent results, focusing on text content, but there are only a few of them.
  2. B2B-companies. Promotion of services or goods intended for a narrow circle of organizations in social networks is difficult in principle. The specificity of the audience will not be able to provide such companies with a sufficient number of clients.
  3. Expensive product. The best product or service for promotion is a product or service whose value ranges from $50 to $300. It is profitable to work with such goods, and the price does not scare away buyers.