Instagram is a separate world that is ideal for making commercial offers. The app has its own terminology that is used in communication and when using the system. For example, Push notifications are information about user behavior on your profile. The message pops up in the background and allows you to track the development of your account. If a purchase of subscribers has been ordered on, you’ll see your audience increase, and by clicking on the notifications, you can view the details.

There is such a thing as Storytelling. It’s a way to tell your product or service firsthand. You have to use personal experience, you can even tell about the mistakes and difficulties encountered, so that the product or service is available to users. This approach makes the brand of the company closer, and causes trust, but it is better to use it after you have bought new followers. Terminology of the application is quite specific, to make it easier for you to understand the types of activity and slang of Instagram, we have prepared a small list.

Basic terms in Instagram

  1. Base. List of users to work with and filter them in the application
  2. Hype. Otherwise called viral content. Once you’ve bought subscribers, you can post original and unusual videos that users will want to share with each other. The larger the base audience, the greater the response will be.
  3. Engagement. This index determines how active the audience is. It is calculated from the number of likes, comments and subscribers. Therefore, it is advantageous to choose a live promotion if you want to buy followers on instagram.
  4. follower. Your subscriber. You can buy followers on instagram so that then they come to you on their own, as a popular account.
  5. Giveaway. Contests and giveaways that account owners use to attract new followers. Your instagram followers have to do a certain action to get a reward.
  6. Bots. Automated accounts that are created just to visually increase their numbers. You can buy instagram followers, but they won’t be active
  7. Offers. Real accounts that are used to get instagram followers. They remain active without becoming empty or blocked over time
  8. Live subscribers. Performers with an active profile. You can buy instagram followers if you need a real audience.
  9. Active. Executors with real profiles that are active in the application. So you can not only get subscribers, but also get likes, views, comments

It is important to choose not only the types of activity, but also the company that will help competently make the promotion. There are getting instagram followers for tasks, but they take a lot of time and do not give the expected results. They use reciprocal subscriptions, advertising in other people’s profiles, but the real result gives only the purchase of active instagram followers through special services. Here, registration is not required, you can choose any number of followers and get not only them, but also guarantees, which can be given only by a company that works officially and legally.

So you can engage in the development of your account on optimal conditions. You just need to initially look for a reliable service, the services of which will help you to get subscribers and increase the popularity of your account. Buying followers will help you to develop your account and in the end get the best result. After all, the more followers you have on your account, the more chances you have to start gaining new subscribers. New followers will bring your account activity and a certain status, so you should definitely take this chance.