Very often, we hear all sorts of talk about misunderstanding of the new post-modernist nature of the IT role called DevOps. Therefore today it is necessary to stop separately on not clear to many phenomena DevOps and wonders of high-level cooperation (in this case sphere of software). As a result, it turned out to be a kind of landing page for all those who do not understand the extremely useful essence of DevOps. The only remark before the text attracts your attention is that we made an accent on the media format of presentation, i.e. we gathered a couple of video lectures about this profession together, and also put out a couple of nice presentations on the topic. However, before that we will give our own, very simple explanation of this newfangled essence literally on our fingers.

First, a very short and somewhat formal definition

DevOps is a software development methodology focused on extremely active interaction and integration into one project of programmers, testers and admins, who synchronously serve their common service/product. The main purpose of this is to create a single cycle of interdependence of software development, operation and deposition in order to help organizations (services, start-ups) to create and update their software products and services in real time or “in production” faster and more painlessly.

We can always understand a particular developer who, due to his strong specialization and workload, often sees only his local area of responsibility, and therefore does not want to get involved in someone else’s, as it seems to him, patrimony (in fact, the principle of code encapsulation and labor duties provokes such situations even more). Thus, in large teams there should be someone who is authorized to take responsibility in case of related problems at any stage of updating or operation of the system. And even more, it can create a consistent and logical proactive system to establish interaction between all the participants of development-testing-introduction-operation of a large system-service in order to reduce such bugs to zero in the future.

Thus, we emphasize once again – DevOps is not just a universal or well-read administrator, who understands a little in all areas of work, but, above all, it is a methodology, a kind of standardized production cycle approach. Introduction of database devops methodology adds another abstract level of company management (synchronization and coordination over all development areas of your big team). Yes, at first it creates unnecessary problems and indignation on the ground, but in the long run it brings more stability and control, which is invaluable when developing complex working systems, depriving the regular blockages at the most inopportune moment.

Designing sql server devops, starting and maintaining – this is a painstaking daily work. As a bonus you will not only be able to solve various problems with the help of DevOps, but with the help of correctly built in and premeditated methodology you will be able to create a powerful preventive barrier on the way of occurrence of such bugs, problems of interaction in the team and errors.

Thus, to sum up: Devops is a methodology for treating infrastructure as a code. Programmers and testers are “devs”, and admins are “ops”. Gathering everything together: DevOps is when a programmer (Dev) is very much involved in the process of system operation (Ops). For example, when individual members of the development team systematically study/participate in deploying applications, setting up the environment, analyzing logs, etc., besides actively working as a support at the stage of localization of the problem, gradually gaining a holistic view of the system’s operation.