You may need to convert one or more of your date fields into an integer field. Maybe you will be using this field as a Key for your Data Warehouse DimDate field where the format would be yyyymmdd with no dashes.

I will be using “Derived Columns” in SSIS to accomplish this. Derived Columns is a great tool to add a new column or add data to existing columns during your ETL Process. Maybe you want to create a column that concatenates the FirstName field and LastName field. Derived Columns is a great way achieve this.

In this blog we will concentrate on adding functionality to my previous blog’s ETL Process

We first need to add a column to the dbo.Emp table under the Running Totals database. I added a field called “StartDateID” with an “integer” data type. In this post we will be converting the “StartDate” field into the new field “StartDateID” field. You can see that the output for this field is all NULL values. 

Now, let’s modify the Stored Procedure we use in the “OLE DB Command” of the ETL Package.